Star Wars Fans Prove Why The Force Is Female

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As one of the largest and most popular franchises in Hollywood History, it comes as no surprise that the Star Wars franchise has a massive and passionate following.

However, as large and as diverse as the Star Wars fanbase is, there are fans who haven't been particularly pleased with the galaxy far, far away under the direction of Disney. The Mickey Mouse House is been trying its best to take strides towards diversity and representation in its various properties, and Disney's Star Wars movies have mostly been given strong female leads.

While it's commendable that Star Wars has been trying to improve on-screen representation, there are fans who believe that the franchise was made to cater to a male demographic.


Hoping to push back against this sexist thought, Culture Slate has decided to share an old photo of a female Star Wars fan in 1977.

In the picture, we get to see the fan dressed as an X-wing pilot. The female Star Wars made the outfit for Halloween in the 70s - a time where there was no internet to search for images. The picture helps prove that women grew up on Star Wars just as much as men.


Interestingly enough, the post has caught the attention of more traditional Star Wars fans who don't seem to appreciate gender politics being brought into discussion. Some insist that a majority of fans back in the 1970s were still male.

Still, others appreciate the post, telling female fans to keep on and keep rebelling.

What are your thoughts on The Force is Female movement? Let us know in the comment section below.

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