Star Wars Fans Learning To Love Prequel Trilogy Through Memes

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The Star Wars prequel trilogy has often been marked as the weakest set of films in the cosmic science fiction franchise with many criticizing the prequel film's poorly written dialogue and the CGI graphics which did not age well over the years.

However, while many still have negative opinions of the Star Wars prequels, it seems like the internet is slowly learning to love what many consider the worst set of films in the Star Wars franchise because of a growing hoard of prequel memes.

There's a group of Star Wars fans learning how to appreciate the Star Wars prequels in the sub-reddit called Prequel Memes and according to a report by Indie Wire, the group is steadily growing. From a group of less than a thousand back in the first week of January, the Prequel Memes sub-reddit has now grown to about 181,000 subscribers on the social news aggregation and discussion website.


Sure the memes are ridiculous, but it's drawing in a crowd that's learning to appreciate the prequels for all its silliness. While some of the memebes take a jab at the prequels themselves, others go beyond that and make fun of current events.

image credit: aRocketLauncher/Reddit

Image Credit: Um-Tom

It's interesting how the internet can take a previously despised trilogy and help reshape public opinion of the Star Wars prequels through memes. Who knew that the prequels would make such delightfully funny memes? Well, Star Wars meme-makers are certainly creative.

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