Star Wars Fans Have Turned Rey’s Final Scene in The Rise of Skywalker Into a Meme

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Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker might have been one of the most highly anticipated films of 2019, however, the third and final entry in Lucasfilm's Star Wars sequel trilogy has ended up becoming one of the most divisive entries in the franchise. The Rise of Skywalker wasn't that well-received by critics, taking in mixed to negative reviews. It's also been trailing behind its predecessors at the box office.

One of the main reasons why The Rise of Skywalker hasn't been doing that well in a commercial and critical standpoint is because of the film's excessive fan-service. Now, fans are making fun of one of these moments.

At the very end of Episode IX, viewers get to see Rey (Daisy Ridley) proudly adopting the name Rey Skywalker, abandoning her retconned origin as a Palpatine. Fans were confused by the significance of the Jakku Orphan's introduction as "Rey Skywalker," and so the internet has decided to make fun of the moment, turning it into a meme.

It all started out on Twitter. Star Wars fan decided to twist Rey's name to whatever name they liked, turning Rey Skywalker into Rey Star Wars by J.J. Abrams, Rey Robin by Christopher Nolan, and Rey Solo.

Star Wars fans are pretty creative on Twitter, turning Rey into all sorts of funny things like Lana Del Rey, and Jar Jar Binks. This response to that final scene in The Rise of Skywalker shows us how apparent the scene is as an attempt at nostalgia instead of an emotional scene that perfectly caps the end of the sequel trilogy.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is currently screening in cinemas.

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