Star Wars Fan Improves Princess Leia CGI in 'Rogue One'

One of the biggest surprises in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story was definitely the appearance of Princess Leia as she was seen in A New Hope. However, some felt that it wasn't very accurate. Now, a fan has used his talent to improve it, sharing his work on YouTube.

As you know, Disney and Lucasfilm recreated the likeness of Carrie Fisher for the final scene in the spinoff, which instantly made it a thousand times better. However, it came across as a bit off to some fans for a reason that they couldn't point out.

While a lot of people chalked it up to the idea that there simply is no way to recreate an actual person into CGI form to a T without looking a bit weird, a fan proved that it can be done.

YouTuber user Derpfakes remastered the Leia in Rogue One to make it look more like the character's version in A New Hope. Based on the comments, many fans think he succeeded. Check it out for yourself below:

The work of the talented Star Wars fan appears to have exposed the issue with the one shown in the film. It seems that the eyes and the length of the face of the Rogue One version could have been done better.

Lucasfilm and Industrial Light and Magic effects specialists were the ones behind the CG Leia in the film. They said the process involved "a super high-tech and labor-intensive version of doing makeup."

They first had Norwegian actress Ingvild Deila as a stand-in for the behind-the-camera shot. When Leia's face was shown, it was still Deila's hand that we see. The face, as well as the hair and costume, were digitally recreated.

Although it wasn't enough to fool fans, Fisher actually thought that the Rogue One scene was real footage of her when she first watched it.

"Carrie watched it and thought it was real footage of her," Gareth Edwards, who directed the Star Wars spinoff, revealed to CNN Money.

"She didn't really remember filming that shot. And [Kathleen Kennedy] had to explain, 'No, it's all computer graphics; they completely recreated you.'"

Before that, it seems that she was already briefed about the Rogue One cameo, it is just that the Star Wars icon wasn't informed about how it will be done.

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