15 Mar 2019 5:49 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Wars Fan Film Explores The Story Behind Memorable Return Of The Jedi Character

The Star Wars Universe is filled with so many characters that most of them end up being forgotten. However, a stunning new fan film explores the backstory of one of the most memorable Return of the Jedi characters that we may have overlooked.

The film was created by YouTube channel Escape Velocity Content and serves as a backstory for one of the characters we encountered in Jabba The Hutt's lair. Called Birth of a Monster: A Star Wars Story, it features a young boy known as Little Sir, who is portrayed by the director Tim Martin's son Zander.

Little Sir is accompanied by a droid named 0-TK, which is voiced by Star Wars Rebels' Steve Blum. The two are originally sent off to scavenge the deserts of Tatooine. However, they end up finding something that truly changes their lives. Watch the fan film below.

The film is impeccably made but waits until the final moments to reveal just what it is that Little Sir has found. It concludes with Bib Fortuna and his trusty Gamorrean visiting the boy in hopes to procure the monster along with its companion. The Rancor then appears and it is revealed that Little Sir would eventually grow up to become the trainer who wept in Return of the Jedi.


It's a poignant tale that suggests that the trainer grew up truly caring for the beast that entertained Jabba for several years. This would certainly give more depth to why the nameless trainer's weeping was more like a little boy than a grown man. After all, the Rancor once served as his savior and its death is truly devastating.

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