Star Wars Fan Defends Rey From Mary Sue Detractors In Lengthy Post, Says It's A Big Misunderstanding

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Even with Star Wars: Episode IX just months away, there are still a lot of discussions surrounding the depiction of Rey in the first two films in the sequel trilogy. It is no secret that there are fans that the character is yet to win over even after The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi. However, one person believes that it might just be all an misunderstanding, making his or her case in a lengthy post.

Reddit user ThePerson2525 first addressed criticisms that trap the character in endless comparisons with Luke Skywalker. The person seems to have one simple response to shut this issue down-- The character isn't meant to be Luke. Her story is different from the farm boy from Tatooine we meet in Star Wars: A New Hope.

The story of Rey isn't supposed to follow the same Hero's Journey beats as Luke's. It's not a story of a young person slowly gaining power through training and mentoring. It's the story of a person with innate power already present with no direction on how to process it and how to find their place in the world.

The individual also had an argument for Rey detractors who are puzzled about the character all of a sudden well-versed with the use of the Force, which she thought was a myth all her life, and how she happens to have impressive lightsaber and flying skills with little to no training.

The Star Wars fan explains that this is a case of "show not tell" filmmaking since we were shown from the get-go in Star Wars: The Force Awakens of her resourcefulness as well as fighting and flying skills. She was good with a staff, which could be a transferrable skill that could help her with wielding lightsabers and she is very good machinery.

After all, she had to educate herself in order to adapt and survive in Jakku, which is the worse place a girl like her can grow up. What Star Wars fans need to understand is that she was already really good at all this, it just wasn't spelled out in the films.

As for those who think she is a Mary Sue, here's what the fan has to say.

Rey is a Mary Sue? Then why is she so gullible and naive? Every turn she takes, reality is thrown into her face. Her first promise of stability with Han is violently taken from her. Her chance to meet her hero and finally feel like she has a purpose, a direction, is dashed when she finds Luke a broken man who doesn't want to give her the time of day. Throughout her time with Luke, Rey is seduced by Kylo because he's able to get to the heart of what she feels inside, what she wants. If she can't change Luke, she can damn sure change Kylo. But as we all know, that hope is dashed as well when Kylo asks her to join him in conquest.

Read the complete explanation from the Star Wars fan below.

The Fundamental Misunderstanding of Rey: A Defense

Do you agree with the points ThePerson2525 presented? What do you expect will happen to Rey in Star Wars: Episode IX?

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