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Star Wars Fan Art Gives Jar Jar A Terrifying New Look

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Jar Jar Binks is a well-meaning Gungan on Naboo. He is a clumsy outcast who struggled to prove his worth throughout his life. The character puts his past behind him and becoming his people's representative in the galactic capital. Jar Jar recently became a hot topic among Star Wars fans due to reports that he will be in the upcoming Disney+ Obi-Wan series.

Jar Jar was a Gungan military commander and politician, who played an important role during the invasion of Naboo. After reports surfaced of Jar Jar's participation in the Obi-Wan series, a new fan art shows how he would look like with a menacing appearance.

Jar Jar has an appearance that fans would never think that can look scary and menacing. He is a comic relief character with a cute and fuzzy design. He is the type of character that when you see him, you want to be friends with him.

However, a new fan art shared by Kevin Cassidy on Twitter provides a new look for Jar Jar. He gave the character a sinister redesign that makes him look very menacing and terrifying. The art provided some enhancements to Jar Jar's skin texture.

Cassidy increased Jar Jar's scales and reptilian appearance, making some adjustments to the skin color and another anatomy. In the new art, Jar Jar's large eye-stalks were removed. The eyes are now placed on Jar Jar's head, and made them smaller.

As of now, Jar Jar's menacing look is just simple fan art. However, in the Star Wars canon, the dark side is corrupting the Sith's appearance. If Jar Jar will be affected, it makes sense for Jar Jar to fall into the dark side and make him look more sinister.

The fan art is made by Kevin Cassidy, a senior character artist at Roundhouse Studios. He often shares artworks depicting sinister redesigns of characters.

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