Star Wars: Episode VIII - Tom Hardy May Play Boba Fett

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The Star Wars saga brought us some of the most iconic characters that have com to film, and we saw several of them return in the big screen last year in Star Wars: The Force Awakens, yet one of the fan-favorite characters who had little screen time didn't show up in the latest film. The absence of the fan-favorite bounty hunter disappointed fan.

However, a new rumor from moviecreelive might give us hopes of the Boba Fett's return to the saga, and the brilliant Mad Max: Fury Road actor might play the role. Accoring to the site's rumor, Disney and Lucasfilm are eyeing actor Tom Hardy to play the Mandalorian Bount Hunter in Star Wars: Episode VIII.

Just last week, we learned that Boba Fett was the original villain of Return of the Jedi. While the character may have fallen into the Sarlacc, we know that Lucasflm had huge plans for the character, and with many believing that he survived the Sarlacc, the possibility of him returning in Episode VIII may be larger than we thought.

Like other Star Wars rumors, take this as a grain of salt until confirmed. There's a lot of secrecy behind Episode VIII, but if ever they confirm the return of the coolest Bounty Hunter in the galaxy far, far away, the fandom would be so hyped about it.

So do you think we'll ever see Boba Fett in Episode VIII?