Star Wars Episode IX: Possible Details on 'Rambo C-3PO'

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While a lot of people are expecting their first look at Star Wars Episode IX during Celebration next week, a poster for the film had leaked early launching a thousand fans into speculation. One of the most talked about things was C-3PO wearing a bandolier and holding Chewbacca's bowcaster. While the concept alone is already ridiculous, we may have some sort of explanation as to why 3PO got there.

According to Making Star Wars, it's possible that the droid holding the weapons isn't C-3PO, but actually, a battle droid that's been uploaded into his body. The site writes that the movie will have 3PO's memory uploaded into R2-D2, and this will lead to some "funny issues" for the astro droid. There's no direct explanation as to why we see 3PO fully loaded with weapons, but this could be some kind of side effect to having his memory removed. If you recall in Attack of the Clones, 3PO had temporarily exchanged bodies with a battle droid.

While it's unlikely that J.J. Abrams would like to revisit that gag in this movie, it's not entirely impossible as well.

Hopefully the first teaser released won't skim over this reveal. I'm sure a lot of fans wouldn't want to spend the rest of the year wondering what the heck is going on with "Rambo C-3PO." While I think some fans may take issue with it, I'm sure that kids would love to see the protocol droid taking action for once in a film.

Catch Star Wars Episode IX in theaters Dec. 20.

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