Star Wars: Episode IX Fanart Imagines the Look of the Rumored Red Stormtroopers

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Yesterday we got a teaser of the rumored red stormtroopers that will be introduced in Star WarsEpisode IX. Though Lucasfilm has yet to give us an official look, some fans have already come up with a mock-up of what these "Red Legion" troopers will look like.

Check them out:

My Concept of what the Elite Red Trooper might look like...Based on MSW's Episode IX 'Crew Gear' Leaks

Again, this is just a concept based on the pattern we got from the leaked production crew gear. It's very likely that these new troopers could look entirely different than the standard FO trooper—much like the Death Troopers in Rogue One.

It was just my theory, but I'm speculating that this Red Legion is going to be an army of clones commissioned by Supreme Leader Kylo Ren. He had teased Hux about a clone army in The Force Awakens, and that line down the middle of the helmet was a design element prevalent in the early phase clone troopers. What are the odds that the Kaminoans were approached to make a new army by the First Order and they improved their growing system to give us fully-grown and trained clones after a year?

Again, this is all just speculation on my part. Until Lucasfilm gives us our first look at the film this April, my guess is just as good as anyone else's. While I am expecting a look at the main characters like Rey, Finn, and Poe, I'm hopeful that we also get a glimpse of these rumored red troopers so we can put the rumors to rest.

Catch Star Wars Episode IX in theaters Dec. 20.

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