Star Wars: Episode IX Actor Oscar Isaac Convinced Pedro Pascal To Do 'The Mandalorian'

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It looks like we have Oscar Isaac to thank for giving us an awesome lead star in The Mandalorian. The Star Wars: Episode IX actor has just admitted that he had convinced Pedro Pascal to take on the lead role in the upcoming Disney+ series.

Isaac and Pascal recently sat down for an interview with WIRED where the Triple Frontier actors were asked to answer some of the internet's most searched questions. Not surprisingly, one of the top questions was, "Is Pedro Pascal The Mandalorian?"

"Pedro Pascal is The Mandalorian," the Game of Thrones star confirmed. However, it was Isaac's comment that caught fans' attention.


"You're welcome," he said. "I convinced him to do it."

It's great to get two confirmations from the actors. We can rest assured that Pascal will be playing the mysterious bounty hunter in the Jon Favreau series. In addition to that, we're grateful that Isaac managed to get his Triple Frontier co-star to consider doing the show. However, it's highly unlikely that he had a hard time convincing Pascal to do a Star Wars show.

There are several hilarious questions being searched on Google. At one point, Pascal even pointed out that Isaac looks like a Muppet, which earned him a playful slap in the face. Don't worry, Oscar, we don't think you look like Sam Eagle.

Isaac will reprise his role as Poe Dameron in Star Wars: Episode IX, which is scheduled for release on December 20. Pascal's series The Mandalorian has not yet been given a premiere date but is expected to air on Disney+ later this year.

Triple Frontier is currently streaming on Netflix.

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