Star Wars Documentary Attempts To Solve The Mystery Of THAT Stormtrooper From A New Hope

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He's probably the most popular Stormtrooper that ever was and yet his identity has never been revealed. However, a new Star Wars documentary is set to find out who played the iconic Stormtrooper who was a little too tall for the Death Star door in A New Hope.

The trailer for The Empire Strikes Door was shared by filmmaker Jamie Stangroom on his YouTube channel and it teases on solving the biggest Star Wars mystery of all. It's an extensive investigation considering that several actors have claimed that they are the Stormtrooper that hit his head on that door in the first Star Wars movie. There are lie detectors on hand and photographic evidence so we can finally learn if that unfortunate soldier got a concussion from the blooper 40 years ago.

The documentary was funded through IndieGoGo is star-studded, bringing in the likes of Kevin Smith, Greg Grunberg, and musician Noel Gallagher (I'm surprised, too). We even get a glimpse of that other famous (former) Stormtrooper John Boyega but we're pretty sure he's more careful around Death Star doors.


The description of the documentary reads as follows:

"The Empire Strikes Door is a fun mini documentary (30 minutes +) which aims to solve a Star Wars mystery! We know who Luke's father is. We know who stole the Death Star plans. We even know who shot first! What we don't know is the identity of the stormtrooper who cracked his skull against a Death Star door, in one of cinema's most famous bloopers."

The Empire Strikes Door will premiere on Stangroom's YouTube channel on September 25.

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