Star Wars: Diego Luna Talks About His One Problem Returning as Cassian Andor

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After The Mandalorian, the next Star Wars series to go into production is the Rogue One prequel centered on Cassian Andor. Diego Luna and Alan Tudyk are set to reprise their roles as Cassian and K-2SO, and Luna talks a bit about his problem coming back.

In what seems like an obvious move, the studio wants Luna to look younger than he did in Rogue One. Talking to El Sigle de Torreon (translated via @sleemo on Twitter), Luna explains, "The problem is that I have to look younger—it's a prequel! With a lot of exercise, organic lettuce (laughs), staying as young and healthy as I can."

When shooting Rogue One, Luna was likely 37 years old. We don't know how far back this prequel will go, but I suspect Luna will have to look like he's in his 20s in the series. That's like how old he was when he shot The Terminal with Tom Hanks.

I suspect there's going to be no problem for Alan Tudyk reprising K-2 though—at least, physically. I'm just curious if the series will be able to dish out the cash for the required CGI. Either K-2 gets minimal screentime, or they find a cheaper way to have him in scenes. Maybe they can have him be dismantled (like 3PO in Empire), and he's just a practical puppet being carried around by Cassian.


This is just for my own wish fulfillment, but I kind of want Tudyk to have an onscreen role as himself. Maybe he can play the Imperial that used to handle K-2 before he was reprogrammed?

No release date has been set for the Cassian Andor series, but we could see a release sometime in 2020. The Mandalorian is set to premiere when Disney+ launches on Nov. 12.

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