Star Wars: Diego Luna Details Rogue One Prequel Series' Biggest Challenge

Credit: Lucasfilm

Credit: Lucasfilm

The future of Star Wars in terms of television is looking very bright and among the shows coming to Disney+ is the Rogue One prequel series. Of course, the fate of Cassian Andor has already been told, but while it could be a challenge, the show might introduce a cool new way of storytelling.

"The thing I can tell you, and it's a nice challenge and it's a great way to approach a show, but what happens when you already know the ending?" Diego Luna told Indie Wire. "Then it becomes about the story. Everything is in how you tell the story and how many different layers you can find."

The actor notes that, obviously, it can't have some sort of twist where it wasn't him all along since the ending has already been revealed in the film. "If you think about it, Rogue One started with the same task," Luna said. "The last scene of Rogue One is a scene we all know. It makes another part of your brain work [as a storyteller]."

This Cassian Andor series can't use the "same formula for storytelling you've known all your life with this because it's very different," but the main big thing is that it starts with a character that fans of the franchise are already familiar with, as well as the things he's capable of.

For now, there's not much known about the series but it will feature the return of Alan Tudyk as K-2SO. The show will reportedly arrive in 2021 but given the situation with the coronavirus pandemic, there is a chance that it might get delayed.

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