Star Wars Deleted Scene Reveals How Vader Wasn’t Supposed To Be Luke’s Father

Star Wars fans might all know Darth Vader as the father of Luke Skywalker, George Lucas actually didn't intend to make Star Wars' greatest hero and villain related to one another at all.

According to a report by Screen Rant, a deleted scene from the original Star Wars actually proves how Lucas didn't really plan for Vader to be Luke's father from the very start of the Star Wars franchise.

In the deleted scene from Star Wars: A New Hope, fans get to see the Rebel X-wing fighters scrambling to their ships so that they can disarm the Death Star. Luke Skywalker (Mark Hamill) finds himself reunited with a family friend – Biggs Darklighter. The pair's conversation is quickly interrupted by Red Leader who expresses concern for Luke knowing that this is the first time that the Rebellion newcomer would be piloting his spaceship into battle.

Biggs then takes it upon himself to vouch for his childhood friend. Not only does the pilot mention how Luke was the best bush pilot in the entire Outer Rim, he also makes a huge deal out of Luke's father, saying that he had met the man and that Luke would be fine if he had half the skills of his dad.

It's an interesting conversation, one that proves that Lucas didn't plan to turn Vader into Luke's father.

Of course, Star Wars fans could argue that A New Hope actually set up for Vader's big reveal in Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back. Lines from Aunt Beru saying that Luke has "too much of his father in him" and Obi-Wan telling the lad that Luke's father had been "murdered and betrayed" by Vader all seem like indicators of the big twist.

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