Star Wars Comic Delivers Fanservice with Shirtless Han Solo

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Star Wars: The Last Jedi had spawned countless memes on the internet, and one of the most popular was a shirtless Kylo Ren dubbed ‘Ben Swolo'. Now the comics seem to deliver with Ben's dad as we get some steamy wood-chopping action from a shirtless Han.

Check him out:

It's worth noting that we also got a shirtless Han in the comic adaptation of Solo: A Star Wars Story, but this one is the first we've got that captures the ‘Harrison Ford-iness' of Han. It's even funny that Leia starts blushing when he gets a good look at him.


Though Han may have been killed off in The Force Awakens, his story manages to continue with Solo. The film had famously underperformed in the box office, but ever since the home release, a lot of fans have been trying to get Lucasfilm to #MakeSolo2Happen. Alden Ehrenreich totally makes the character of Han Solo his own, and I'm just excited to see more of this side of Star Wars that's less Jedi and more dirty smugglers and thieves.

Not to mention everyone else from Emilia Clarke to Donald Glover was just a delight to watch.

We may not have any news on Solo 2, but hopefully, the fans are generating enough buzz for Lucasfilm to pay attention. After all, it was ultimately Disney's fault for rushing the film and skimping on the ads. You owe us, Bob Iger!

Solo: A Star Wars Story is now available for home video.

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