Star Wars: Character Model from The Mandalorian is a Creature from the Clone Wars

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A lot of people are excited for Disney's The Mandalorian reveal coming this Friday, and though we have only gotten glimpses of things in the movie, THR has managed to give us a look at a character model from the series.

Check it out:

What's interesting is that the mounted creature is called a blurrg and actually has very deep roots in the Star Wars expanded universe. They actually made their debut in the made-for-TV film Ewoks: The Battle of Endor, and they entered Star Wars canon when they were introduced as Ryloth mounts in The Clone Wars.

It's not a surprise that The Mandalorian would be getting a lot of influence from the Clone Wars as well. In fact, the show actually had Clone Wars showrunner Dave Filoni direct the pilot episode. It's kind of great to see where Jon Favreau is getting his help when it comes to making the first live-action Star Wars show.

A lot is riding on The Mandalorian to be a hit. For one, it's one of the main hooks for Disney+ to get Star Wars fans to subscribe. What's more, this will set the tone for future Star Wars miniseries like the upcoming Cassian Andor series as well as Kenobi. We don't have anything official announced yet, but I'm hoping that we get an official update on Solo 2 come the D23 Expo.

The first trailer for The Mandalorian is expected to drop this Friday at the D23 Expo. The show is set to debut on Disney+ which launches on Nov. 12.

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