Star Wars' Carrie Fisher Interacts With Robots in New IBM Watson Commercial

Just earlier this month, Carrie Fisher shared a photo with her dog from the set of Star Wars: Episode VIII. Now, she's a part of a support group for robots in IBM's latest commercial. 

The video, which appears to also feature the voice of Steve Buscemi, introducees IBM's "Watson" AI to a support group for evil robots. Fisher continues to be one of the coolest actresses ever, and seeing her interact with robots in this video makes me want to see General Leia command an army of them. Watch the cool ad below: 

IBM Watson is a cognitive system that's ushering in the new era of cognitive business. Recently, a group of battered science fiction bots spoke about their yen to take over the world and their dislike for working with humans. Unlike them, Watson works with humans to outthink competitors, challenges, limits.

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