Star Wars Brings Back Character J.J. Abrams Deleted from The Rise of Skywalker

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Credit: Lucasfilm

It goes with saying that 2019's The Rise of Skywalker left a bitter taste in the mouths of most fans. However, avid followers of the Star Wars franchise are well aware that Episode IX wasn't always meant to turn out the way it did and the original script for the divisive conclusion of the Skywalker saga had a more compelling story that would have given the fandom a gratifying finale.

Credit: Lucasfilm

Unfortunately, the initial script for what was going to be called Duel of the Fates, supposedly directed by Colin Trevorrow was rejected by Disney and what we ended up getting was J.J. Abrams' underwhelming film. The "original" Episode IX would have also featured several new characters who were eventually cut from the theatrical version.

One of them is the Eye of Webbish Bog who was originally going to be instrumental in Kylo Ren's acquisition of the Sith pathfinder. In Trevorrow's script, the spider-like creature was meant to direct Kylo to Exegol, where he would later find Emperor Palpatine. He even made it to the film's novelization but Abrams decided to remove him from The Rise of Skywalker entirely.

Now, Star Wars is bringing back the grotesque creature through the latest Darth Vader series published by Marvel Comics and it seems to include a direct nod to Duel of the Fates. In issues 7 and 8, the Eye encounters Vader who is seeking the pathfinder that will help him uncover the Emperor’s darkest secret.

Eye of Webbish Bog
Credit: Marvel Comics

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Trevorrow seemingly has cold feet about returning to the franchise and honestly, I couldn't blame him because he wasn't given a fair shot.

The Rise of Skywalker is streaming on Disney+.