Star Wars Bombshell Reveals Darth Vader’s Power To Conquer Death

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Marvel's Darth Vader comic book series just dropped one of the biggest bombs this week. Vader's always known to be a force to reckon with, and now, it looks like that force is strong enough to tear down the wall separating the living and the dead.

For the past few months, the Darth Vader comic book series has been building up to a big reveal as it unraveled the secrets of Vader's castle. Readers were shocked when they learned that Vader actually built his domain to resurrect Padme using the Dark Side of the Force. This week, the shock makes leaps and bounds as readers discover that Vader actually reached his goal, opening the door to death.

In a historic moment in Anakin's journey, the Darth Vader comic book series features Vader at the height of his power, succeeding at one of the greatest feats one can imagine – piercing the wall between life and death.

Check out a few of the screenshots down here:


Of course, as shocking as it might sound, this new revelation doesn't actually seem like a massive change to Star Wars canon. After all, Jedi who pass on never really leave. If Force Ghosts can exist to show how malleable the wall between life and death is for the Jedi, then it would make sense that Vader would finally be able to find a way to tear the wall down.

The only question now, as the series slowly starts coming to a close, is whether or not Vader will really be able to reunite with Padme. Let's wait and see.

Darth Vader #23 is now available for purchase.

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