Star Wars: Bloodshot Director Weighs in on Possible The Old Republic Adaptation

He might be a first-time director taking on a major project like Bloodshot but Dave Wilson is no lightweight when it comes to Star Wars lore. After all, he was involved with the material for Star Wars: The Old Republic. But what does Wilson think about a possible adaptation of the video game? Interestingly, he's hoping that Disney and Lucasfilm will come up with an Old Republic live-action series.

Wilson recently spoke to Collider about the Vin Diesel film where he was also asked about his opinion on an Old Republic adaptation. Not surprisingly, Wilson stated that it would be best made into a TV show.

"I would do a series. I love what they did with Mandalorian," Wilson said. "I think there's just too many characters and too much ground to cover. And I feel, inevitably, you do someone an injustice by not covering a character well enough."

Wilson went on to admit that he was truly proud of how The Old Republic treated Darth Malgus.

"My most rewarding experience from The Old Republic was Malgus, who is the Sith that sort of sacks the Jedi temple," Wilson said. "He didn't exist until that short and they just knew they wanted this event where the Sith come back. And I wrote that story, that event for them and that character. And now that statue sits on – I'm a giant nerd – this statue sits in my office at home and there's books that they've written about him and I'm like, ‘This is awesome.' Just to have contributed anything to that franchise is a pretty remarkable thing."

For now, there hasn't been any news about Malgus being introduced into the Star Wars films or TV shows. In addition to that, there's no update on an adaptation of The Old Republic. Nevertheless, we're hoping that Disney and Lucasfilm take Wilson's advice.

Bloodshot is currently screening in theaters worldwide.

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