Star Wars: Battlefront II Could Be Getting More Single-Player Content

Star Wars Battlefront II might have had one hell of a messy pre-launch but the game is now a fun multiplayer experience that any hardcore fan of the genre or franchise can appreciate. That being said, even those that enjoy playing the game have to admit that its single-player content is lacking, even with a Campaign Mode that was hyped up before release.

It looks like that could be changing soon since Dennis Brännvall, the game's Design Director will be coming to Gamescom, possibly with a big announcement. On Twitter, Brännvall kept it brief by saying "Heading to Germany" and #soloplayersmatter. Could this be some new Han Solo content? Or could it be a more tantalizing single-player mode that will increase the game's lifespan?

Maybe it's related to Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order? Granted, Brännvall is in DICE and Jedi: Fallen Order is being worked on by Respawn but anything can happen, especially since both games are being published by EA Games.

The fact that Battlefront II continues to be updated with new content to this day shows that DICE and EA are willing to change, even if it took public scrutiny to do so. Now that game companies are going to be more strict with loot boxes, EA better be careful with their use of the controversial mechanic.

*cough*Apex Legends*cough*

Star Wars Battlefront II is now available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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