Star Wars Battlefront II Community Shares Heartfelt Tribute Video for the Devs

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Star Wars Battlefront II had just received its final update, and the community has been lamenting the "end" of the game. With May 4 marking a celebration for all-things-Star Wars though, Cinematic Captures on Youtube has decided to compile a message of thanks from several Battlefront community members thanking the devs at DICE, Motive, and Criterion for their fantastic work on the game.

Check it out:

Battlefront II has been a journey... with the game's live service coming to an end, we as a community want to take the time to thank all the developers who worked on the game.

Thank you to everyone who recorded a message to the devs. I will be compiling all the original clips together to send directly to the devs, if your clip wasn't featured here they'll still get the chance to see it.

It's no mystery that the game had a disastrous launch, and it's kind of amazing how DICE was able to scramble and salvage the game over two years of negativity from the internet. Now the game has a lot more meat to it, but sadly, we're never going to get those cosmetics that everyone was hoping for.

We don't know what's in store for the Battlefront franchise down the line, but if there were to be a third game, I would pretty much want DICE to keep being involved. Battlefront II was already a huge improvement from the 2015 reboot, and maybe the third game would finally deliver what fans want from the very get-go.

For now, enjoy Star Wars Battlefront II for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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