Star Wars: Baby Yoda Faces Palpatine in Epic Revenge of the Sith Video

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At this point, Star Wars fans are looking forward to seeing Baby Yoda do more awesome things on The Mandalorian? But could the Child easily take on Darth Sidious? A new fan video imagines an epic Revenge of the Sith showdown between Baby Yoda and Palpatine.

The awesome video was created by YouTuber MaxeBaumannFilms2013 and it adds Baby Yoda into footage from Revenge of the Sith. Check it out below.


In the video, Baby Yoda confronts Darth Sidious, who taunts him. At first, it looks like the Child isn't powerful enough to go up against Palpatine but he manages to throw the Sith Lord back by using the Force.

It's an amazing fight considering that Baby Yoda is still in his floating carrier (this should be easier for him to go up against his much-taller enemy). However, it was clearly done before new footage of the Child was made available in the more recent episodes of The Mandalorian. Nevertheless, we're looking forward to more fan edits from MaxeBaumannFilms2013.

We love watching the fight but the latest episode of The Mandalorian may have confirmed that Baby Yoda prefers to just sit back and watch the action unfold. When Mando had to face off against Cara Dune in Chapter Four: Sanctuary, Baby Yoda simply watched them while sipping on his soup. Of course, it's just proof that he's already a Star Wars legend.

You can see more of Baby Yoda in The Mandalorian. The first four episodes of the Star Wars series are already streaming on Disney+.

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