Star Wars Author Reveals Angry SW Fans have been Review-Bombing Her Other Work

Ever since Star Wars: The Last Jedi came out, there has been a call to address the ‘toxic fandom' that is unfortunately a part of the Star Wars community. As it turns out, these fans will be so horrible that they go to great lengths to harass content creators.

Rebecca Roanhorse, who had written Star Wars: Resistance Reborn, has revealed that these ‘fans' have apparently found her other non-Star Wars work and have been review bombing them online. Check out her post:

If anything, Roanhorse is trying to keep a positive attitude when it comes to the haters, and she followed her post up with a tweet saying, "Both parties could spend their time doing so much more than allowing me to park in their brain space rent-free. I know a lot of hate comes from trying to preserve the power they fear losing. I'm a threat, I get it. But I'm not going away. So maybe go do something good & creative."

As it turns out, the toxic part of the fandom is already turning off new authors and creators to the franchise, in fear that any ‘wrong' work will result in endless harassment. Back in March, an editor of Del Rey Star Wars had revealed online that it was getting harder for Star Wars to find new writers because of the fandom.

While jerks and the internet go hand-in-hand, the Star Wars fandom is yet to find a proper solution to these ‘fans' that somehow take things too far when something they don't like gets released. Fingers crossed that these haters just grow out of it, but it doesn't help that there are full-on communities that like to nurture this kind of hate.

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