A Star Wars Fan Goes Viral After Wanting to Name His Child Captain-Phasma

The Star Wars fandom is full of crazies, from the Reylos to the Fandom Menace, but one fan had managed to set Twitter aflame with the reveal that him and his wife were planning on literally naming their child Captain-Phasma.

Here's the original post on Reddit:

AITA for wanting to name my daughter after a Star Wars character?

Admittedly, a lot of people in the comments weren't happy with the decision, seeing that it would likely lead to a lot of bullying on the child's part. I just think it's funny that they're adamant about the name; and their family has been pleading for something more ‘normal' like Gwendolyn (from actress Gwendolyn Christie) or Brienne (Christie's character in Game of Thrones).

On my part, I don't really want to dictate what anyone wants to do with their child, but I do admit Captain-Phasma is going to be one bullied little girl. While it's probably better for them to name their child after other strong female Star Wars characters, I think it's acceptable to just keep the Phasma and add something else to the name. How does Leia-Phasma sound?

For now, it looks like the author has changed their tune. Here's the last edit on the post:

Definitely considering other names now, but still Star Wars related. Thank you. Also, I see a lot do not like the character Captain Phasma at all...I disagree wholeheartedly with that but to each his own.

Congratulations internet, you just saved a child from being bullied a little less.

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