Star Wars: Andor Showrunner Shares Exciting Details Regarding Season 2

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Andor, the prequel series to Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, is set to make its debut this coming summer. However, there have been reports that the series has already been renewed for a second season which has not been confirmed yet by Lucasfilm. Now, its showrunner has given an update that suggests that the series is indeed going to have another installment.

Speaking with Vanity Fair, Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy confirmed that the series is going to have a second season to which he teased that it will have the same number of episodes as the first season. He also hinted that Alan Tudyk's fan-favorite character K-2SO will show up at some point in the series.

"We don’t have Alan Tudyk. Not yet, anyway. It is a second season, but it’s really, for me, the second half of the novel," Gilroy said. "This first season is about him becoming a revolutionary, and the second 12 episodes take him into Rogue One."

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Gilroy also discussed the large scope of the series to which he revealed that there are 211 speaking parts with 75% of them "who really matter." He also said that a "dozen seriously important characters" will continue into the second season with Diego Luna still starring.

"I have the sheet in front of me. I have 211 speaking parts in this show. There’s probably 75 people in there who really matter, and there’s at least a dozen seriously important characters that we’ll be carrying forward to the second [season.]," he said. "It is a huge, orchestral, Dickensian ensemble cast, with Diego at the middle of it, and Genevieve [O'Reilly] at the middle of another part of it. They intersect. I’m not going to get into how they intersect. They do have an intersection—but they do not meet. They will not meet until the second half."

It is great to hear a confirmation that the series will have a second season. But most importantly, it looks like the next chapter will focus more on how the character's journey leading up to the events of Rogue One where we might see him finally meeting K-2SO, which is perhaps one of the storylines that fans will look forward to. For now, it would be curious to see what they have in store in the upcoming series.

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Andor is set to be released on Disney+ this late summer.

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