Star Wars: Andor Season 2 Receives Surprising Production and Release Update

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Credit: Lucasfilm

2022 has seen the Star Wars universe revisit the prequel trilogy era with the Obi-Wan Kenobi series and the trend will continue with the upcoming show centered on Rogue One fan-favorite Cassian Andor. If you haven't heard yet, Andor is already confirmed to be getting a second season which is unheard of from a Star Wars series that has yet to make its debut.

Credit: Lucasfilm

The 12-episode show will feature a series of time jumps that will occur after every few episodes (via The Direct), all leading to the 2016 blockbuster's story. Now, as for the second season, while details surrounding it have remained under wraps for now, Andor showrunner Tony Gilroy gave a promising update on when fans can expect its premiere.

Speaking with The Wrap, Gilroy, who also serves as one of the show's writers revealed that cameras will begin rolling for Andor Season 2 in November which interestingly is the same month where the last four episodes of Season 1 are set to premiere. There could be a good chance that the second season will begin filming before Season 1 ends which is quite mind-blowing.

He shared: "I have two more years to go. We start shooting in November on Part 2. And I don’t know if … Our past pattern was two years, but I mean, I’ll be on … We’ll shoot from November to August. And then our post[-production] last time was about a year."

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It's quite obvious that Lucasfilm is fast-tracking the series and it just goes to show that everyone involved, including the production company, has complete faith that Andor will be the franchise's next big hit. Will it be able to match or even surpass the success of Obi-Wan Kenobi and The Mandalorian though? That's the real question.

Andor is set to have a triple episode premiere tomorrow, September 21 on Disney+.