Star Wars And Marvel Comics Announce New Darth Vader Title Following Shadow Of Vader Cancellation

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Marvel Comics is certainly moving forward after the abrupt cancellation of Star Wars: Shadow of Vader. A new title Star Wars: Vader — Dark Visions has just been announced and it will undoubtedly focus on the most terrifying Sith Lord.

The new title was announced by as a limited series that will be released next year. The new comics will be written by Dennis Hopeless (Cloak and Dagger, Jean Grey). Artist Paolo Villanelli (Star Wars: Lando Double or Nothing, Star Wars: Rogue One Adaptation) will illustrate the first issue while Brian Level (Thanos Legacy, Amazing Spider-Man: Renew Your Vows) will work on issue #2.

The cover art for Vader — Dark Visions was done by Greg Smallwood and features Darth Vader on what appears to be a horned horse. Check it out below.

(Marvel Comics)

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The description for Star Wars: Vader — Dark Visions reads as follows:

"The fallen Jedi has been a symbol of power, a villainous commander, and a Sith warrior. But in 2019, a new limited comic series explores a side of Vader that neither fans nor the galaxy have ever seen before."

The premise of the comic series certainly sounds like it's taking pointers from the canceled series Star Wars: Shadow of Vader. In October, writer Chuck Wendig was fired by Marvel Comics over "vulgarity" in his social media presence. This happened just a week after the new title was announced. Marvel officially canceled the series in November.

Star Wars: Vader — Dark Visions will be available starting March 2019.

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