Star Wars: Ahsoka Actor Reveals Why She Loves Playing Sabine Wren

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There is little doubt that working on Ahsoka is an awesome opportunity for any actor. After all, it means being able to work with the heavy hitters of the Star Wars Universe and hanging out with Rosario Dawson. However, Natasha Liu Bordizzo has her own reasons for loving being a part of the Disney+ series. The Day Shift star just admitted that she truly admires Sabine Wren and is more than happy to play the character!

Earlier this year, Natasha Liu Bordizzo's casting as Sabine Wren in Ahsoka was officially announced. Since then, the Guns Akimbo actor has been openly speaking about her upcoming project and sharing her excitement about the show.


While speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Natasha Liu Bordizzo was asked about Sabine Wren's qualities that she connected with. Interestingly, Bordizzo suggested that she had a lot in common with the Mandalorian.

"Her unbelievable bravery, spirit and swag, amidst all the challenge and heartache of everything going on," she said. Bordizzo then added that she has completely immersed herself into the character.


"I think of their crew so often in my life now because I’m like a member of a cult now," she said with a laugh. "I’m a full fan every single day I go to work."

Bordizzo continued, "Everyone’s like, 'We’re all just fans going to work, making Star Wars.' It sounds so over the top for me to say what I’m about to say, but I truly mean it. In my life, when I’m facing a challenge, I just think about the general spirit of the franchise and taking on challenges with a bit of positivity, a bit of humor and then being able to move on. So it’s just been something that I have learned a lot from, as I’m playing the role itself."

It's great to know that Bordizzo is having fun working on Ahsoka. With that in mind, we can't wait to see her in action in the Star Wars series next year.

Ahsoka is expected to premiere on Disney+ in 2023.

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