Star Wars: Age of Resistance Will Reveal Kylo Ren's Training Under Supreme Leader Snoke

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If there's one reason why a lot of people are mixed about Star Wars: The Last Jedi, it probably has to do with the handling of Supreme Leader Snoke. The fact that he helped give birth to The New Order after Vader's demise teased a lot of potential lore and all of it was taken away when he was killed. While we might not be able to learn much about him in the movie, Marvel's Star Wars: Age of Resistance will be giving us our first, and maybe only look at Snoke's training of Kylo Ren.

Revealed in Marvel's September 2019 solicitations, Star Wars: Age of Resistance - Supreme Leader Snoke #1 will show us how Snoke corrupted Ben Solo and turned him into Kylo Ren. It's something that fans of the new Star Wars films have been wanting to see and this might be the best way to experience it.

Fans are in good hands too since it's written by Injustice and All-New Wolverine writer Tom Taylor, with art from veteran Leonard Kirk.

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Credit: Marvel Comics/Star Wars

Here's the official synopsis:

• SUPREME LEADER SNOKE'S brutal training of KYLO REN begins.
• Will the sadistic Snoke break his tormented protégé?
• Or has he underestimated the son of HAN and LEIA?

Star Wars: Age of Resistance - Supreme Leader Snoke #1 comes out this September. It looks to be a vital part of the Star Wars canon so fans should keep an eye out for it.

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