Star Wars: Adam Driver Returns for Kylo Ren's Undercover Boss on SNL

Have you been missing Matt the Radar Technician? Luckily, he's back ... sort of. Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker actor Adam Driver has once again hosted Saturday Night Live and it was no surprise that Kylo Ren made another appearance in the Undercover Boss skit.

Driver was the host of the latest episode of Saturday Night Live and he once again took part in the Undercover Boss skit. This time, his Kylo Ren pretended to be Randy the Intern who had a new catchphrase: "OK boomer."

In the skit, Kylo claims he has learned a lot from his past experience as Matt the Radar Technician and since he's the new Supreme Leader, he wanted to reconnect with the people around him. Unfortunately, things didn't work out too well for him.

At one point, Randy gets scolded by a First Order admiral for making a mistake with their order. This leads to Kylo using the Force to make the man's head explode before dryly asking, "Are you okay?"

Naturally, the pretense doesn't last too long as everybody immediately realizes that Randy is Kylo. You can watch the whole skit below.

We're loving how Driver continues to play Kylo perfectly. Unfortunately, this might also be the last time that we'll get to see the actor play Ben Solo. Nevertheless, it's awesome to have one last (hilarious) glimpse at Kylo this year.

Driver appears in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker, which is still screening in theaters worldwide.

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