Star Wars’ Adam Driver On How To Deal With Questions About Episode IX

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Star Wars' Adam Driver sure knows how to keep the franchise's secrets from leaking out to the public. Not only does The Last Jedi star have the least need to be publicly involved with the franchise, but he also lacks a social media presence where he could share Star Wars spoilers. Lucky for the Star Wars franchise, this secretive attitude of Driver is just what Lucasfilm needs.

Speaking in an interview with journalists during this year's Gotham Independent Awards, Driver found himself being hounded by various news outlets, many asking questions about Star Wars: Episode IX.

However, before the reporter could even finish asking about Kylo Ren in the new movie, Driver just laughed and walked away, saying that he wasn't going to touch that one topic. It might not be the most diplomatic way to deal with fans who want to learn more about Episode IX, but it might be one of the most effective ways.

There's been so much anticipation building up over Episode IX these past few days – with Disney releasing trailers left and right; one for Dumbo, one for Toy Story 4, one for The Lion King, and one for Artemis Fowl, fans have been secretly hoping that the studio could be working on a teaser for Episode IX. However, a teaser release for Episode IX still seems very unlikely at this point – after all the film is still more or less a year away from its release. A trailer drop is more likely to happen during the 2019 Star Wars Celebration if anything else. Let's just wait and see.

Star Wars: Episode IX hits cinemas December 20, 2019.

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