Star Wars Actress Daisy Ridley Reveals How She’s Been Coping with the COVID-19 Quarantine

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The COVID-19 pandemic might be a source of major stress for everyone, however, it seems like Star Wars actress Daisy Ridley is trying her best to keep her cool.

Speaking in an interview with DragCast to check in with Star Wars fans and talk about how she's been coping now that the Star Wars sequel trilogy is all over, Ridley opens up about life post-Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker.

Sure, the quarantine might have been causing some stress, but Ridley has a sure-fire method of dealing with her own anxiety stemming from the novel coronavirus pandemic.


"I'm mean, I'm good," she says. "Like, there comes waves of panics, usually about family getting ill. It's usually those things. I've sort of stopped myself reading the news too much because at the beginning I was just freaking out. And then I'm secreted in the countryside with some pals, so it's like it's sort of all good, and today is a good day, but you know, the panics come. But I'm trying to keep it calm, but I think everybody has that… Today I've been a domestic goddess. I cleaned out my food cupboards. I reorganized my food stocks, I made broccoli soup, and I made focaccia, which will be ready tomorrow… I did some Wim Hoff breathing ad I've been doing a cold shower every morning. So I guess that's a sort of meditation."

This shouldn't come as a surprise to fans. Ridley had to deal with a whole lot of anxiety when she first started playing Rey for Lucasfilm. The actress had a difficult time dealing with all the attention and anxiety at first, however, she eventually learned how to deal with all the stress that came with the role.

Ridley had to learn how to cope with her new found fame as the lead of Disney's Star Wars sequel trilogy. She also had to learn how to deal with the backlash that came with the new Star Wars movies.

All of these things have prepared her for the anxiety that comes with the COVID-19 outbreak.

The spread of the novel coronavirus has certainly been a cause for concern. Not only is the economy suffering with the coronavirus lockdown, but the quarantine has also affected the entertainment industry, forcing productions to shut down and delaying major releases.

We can only hope that the pandemic ends soon.

Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is available on Digital HD, Blu-Ray, and DVD.

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