Star Wars Episode IX: John Boyega Messes Around with Hot Toys' Finn

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John Boyega is best known as Finn from Star Wars and he has built up this persona that he's kind of a goofball off camera. With Star Wars Celebration happening this weekend, Boyega takes time to poke fun at the Hot Toys version of himself.

Check it out:


It's worth noting that these Hot Toys usually change hands and faces, but the bodies come out pretty generic, so it's likely that Finn doesn't have the same kind of bod that his figure has here. I do have to say though, the company did really great capturing Boyega's likeness.

If you go around online, you'll probably run into a lot of fun stories that Boyega is at the center of. He's said to give spontaneous hugs on the set of Star Wars, and he gives them to Adam Driver of all people. Driver is known to have been very intense when he gets into the role of Kylo, and it's just funny to think that Boyega would just give him random hugs whenever he feels like it.

There's even this GIF of him hugging Driver in public:


We don't really know much about Finn's arc when it comes to Episode IX, but based on what we've seen in TLJ, he's now a full-blown rebel. Hopefully, they give him something interesting to do in the last film, seeing as he's one of the main protagonists.

Catch Boyega in Star Wars Episode IX which comes out Dec. 20. The Star Wars Celebration panel for the film takes place this coming Friday.

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