Star Wars 1313 Screenshot Makes Its Way Online and Features a Famous Bounty Hunter

Star Wars 1313 was one of the most highly-anticipated games that fans of the franchise were excited for. Unfortunately, like a number of other Star Wars games, it was canceled before it could see the light of day, most likely due to EA getting the license from Disney. Sorry, definitely due to EA getting the license from Disney, a decision that has only led to one single-player Star Wars game from the company.

Well, a supposed screenshot from the canceled 1313 game has made its way online and it shows a character who looks an awful lot like Boba Fett. Granted, Mandalorian helmets mean that this could be a number of characters but the one character who rocked it the most was Fett. It's a good-looking game, unsurprisingly, and we would have loved to see it come to fruition.

Here is an actual in-game screenshot from the cancelled Star Wars 1313 showing protagonist Boba Fett in the underworld of Coruscant ...

Thanks to that Mandalorian helmet, we're getting flashbacks for that PS2 classic Star Wars: Bounty Hunter, which had players control Boba's father as he fought to be cloned. It was a fun, if somewhat frustrating, shooter that can still be played now if you have a PS3 or PS4. Still, there's no doubt that the potential of 1313 dwarfed Bounty Hunter and we're still sad that it didn't come true.

At the least, we do have a couple of solid Star Wars games to play. Star Wars Battlefront II has managed to become a good game, despite its pre-launch problems, and Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order is an excellent single-player game with awesome combat.

Will Star Wars 1313 ever see the light of day? Probably not but more quality Star Wars titles should be on the way.

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