Star Trek's William Shatner Corrects Fan Who Thinks Star Wars is Sci-Fi

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If Star Wars has Mark Hamill to goof off around the Twitter community, Star Trek fans have Captain Kirk himself, William Shatner. Shatner likes to poke around in fan debates from time to time, and he just corrected a fan who branded Star Wars as science fiction.

Shatner had posted a joke about how he liked Star Wars, to which a fan replied that they ‘like all Science Fiction' and Shatner, as if channeling the entire Trek fanbase, replied:

Though the argument does seem petty, it has been widely agreed that Trek and Star Wars differ in genres, with Trek falling under science fiction and Star Wars labeled science fantasy. The main difference is that Trek has elements that are all theoretically sound and based on facts, while Star Wars has more fantastical elements like the Force.

Of course, there are fans who like to treat Star Wars like sci-fi, that's why there are arguments about why there are sounds in space or how Holdo's hyperspace kamikaze from The Last Jedi wouldn't work. In the end, they should really just consider that the franchise's core audience is composed of kids who couldn't care less if every element in the movie is scientifically accurate. Arguing about it —or getting furious about it online—is rather pointless.

For now, Trek and Star Wars are going on a box office hiatus, but their television properties are going strong. Besides multiple Trek shows like Discovery, Lower Decks, and Strange New Worlds, Star Wars has upcoming Disney+ shows, one of which is the highly successful The Mandalorian now on its second season.

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