Star Trek: Unmade Khan Prequel Series May Turn Into Podcast

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A few years ago, we learned that another Star Trek series was supposed to be in the works titled Ceti Alpha V which would have focused on Khan Noonien-Singh's time in exile on planet Ceti Alpha V after the events of the Star Trek: The Original Series episode "Space Seed" and prior to the events of Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan. Unfortunately, the project didn't move past the writing stage. However, as it turns out, it looks like it still has a life as it may move to another medium.

As reported by, during his guesting on a recent episode of Page One: The Writer's Podcast, Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan director and writer Nicholas Meyer, who is also spearheading Ceti Alpha V, revealed that the project is still active as he is planning to turn it instead into a podcast.

"It is. I’m not joking...I am concluding a deal to turn it into a podcast which I will write and presumably direct," Meyer said. "And if the podcast is a hit, then maybe we’ll revisit it on film of some kind."

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Meyer also explained the benefits of doing the project in audio drama. "I love radio plays. When I was in college, I directed a play a week," he said. "Talking on behalf of radio plays, I believe that all great artistic media rely for their success on something that they leave out. Paintings do not move. Music has no intellectual content. Words are merely code on a page. In each of those cases, it is the imaginative contribution of the listener, the reader."


He continued, "When your imagination complements the sounds, which is otherwise just sounds. Film alone has the hideous capacity to do everything for you. We call this eye candy and candy is not good for you. So I look for ways for things to leave out. And radio is a great way for things to leave out. Imagination does not need any training."

While it would have been great to see the series on our screens, the podcast format is still a wonderful medium to tell the story because of the many possibilities that they can do and leave us a lot of imagination as listeners as we are learning Khan's journey in the planet. As Meyers mentioned, if it turns out to be a huge success, perhaps Paramount+ might decide to adapt it into a limited series as it was supposed to be in the first place.

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As of now, there is no official announcement yet from Paramount regarding the project's jump to the podcast format. We will keep you updated on any news on its exciting development.