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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds Opening Credits Unveiled by Anson Mount

We're now just a few days before Star Trek: Strange New Worlds finally makes its premiere on Paramount+ and there's a lot of anticipation for the series as they promise that it will go back to the episodic roots of The Original Series. As we are patiently waiting for the first episode, we now have our first glimpse at its opening credits.

Anson Mount, who is playing Captain Christopher Pike in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, posted on Twitter the opening credits of the series and called it the "greatest honor" of his career to date as he was able to utter the iconic monologue in the franchise, "Space, the final frontier..." You can watch the clip below:

The opening credits, which paid homage to The Original Series, started with the familiar "Space, the final frontier..." voice-over monologue by Mount, and then it was followed by different shots of the USS Enterprise flying around the universe while the main theme is playing.

While it was only the opening credits with different visuals of the iconic starship flying around, it is their first step in introducing their promise to the fans that the series is indeed going to have the feel of The Original Series with the episodic format instead of serialized like in Discovery and Picard.

So far, everything that they've shown here looks interesting as they are holding up with their promise and is looking like they are committed to making it look like The Original Series which could appeal the long-time Star Trek fans that might not have appreciated the format of the two modern live-action Trek shows that are airing so far. Let's just wait and see if the series itself will also hold up to that as well.

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is set to premiere this Thursday, May 5 on Paramount+.

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