Star Trek Producer Alex Kurtzman Hints Plans for Potential Crossover

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The Star Trek Universe on television is currently at its height in terms of the number of projects that they are actively working on. However, even though all the shows have almost the same creative team, we haven't seen them have a crossover. Now, it looks like that might be in the works.

In an interview with Deadline's Hero Nation podcast, producer Alex Kurtzman was asked if they have plans for the shows to have a crossover someday. He didn't say that there are definitive plans that are set in motion, but he did say that they have it in mind. "It’s really funny that you asked that question because I was just thinking about it this morning," he said. "Here’s the thing about crossovers; I think crossovers are can be really, really exciting. But they have to exist for a reason. There has to be a great story reason to do it. And it has to move both shows forward in a way. And it does feel both of you are right, that inevitably it’s coming somewhere somehow. But I think we want to be as intentional about doing something like that as we’ve been about our selection of shows and the way in which we’ve curated each show to have its own distinct identity."

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He continued, "Because the flip side to doing a crossover wrong is that people are really disappointed and it impacts both shows. So it’s just not a gamble that I would want to take randomly. that being said, it’s certainly exciting to think about certain pairings that you’re like ‘Wow, what would it be like if those two characters were together or those two crews were together?’ But I want to be careful about it. So I guess the most direct answer I can give you is it’s on my mind but I haven’t thought about a specific yet."


Given that Kurtzman and his team are involved in all current Star Trek TV shows, there is potential for them to have a crossover if every they do plan to have one. However, the challenge is that the shows are set in different time periods, particularly Discovery is currently set a thousand years into the future so it might be difficult for it to crossover with a show like Picard unless they time travel. There's also the fact that some of the Star Trek shows are animated, with Lower Decks being more adult-oriented and Prodigy being more family-oriented.

Even if you add the upcoming Strange New Worlds in the equation, its time period is far from the setting of either the current Discovery season or Picard. It is hard to think right now about how a crossover between the current Star Trek shows would work because of the major differences. However, they might find a way to make it all work. We shall just wait and see if the crossover plans will eventually come to fruition.

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