Star Trek: Picard Star Brent Spiner Reacts to Shocking Data Twist

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If you tuned in for the premiere episode of Star Trek: Picard, there's a good chance you were blown away by one of the awesome reveals connected to Data. But what does Brent Spiner have to say about the amazing plot twist? Not surprisingly, the Star Trek: The Next Generation actor was quite happy with the show's treatment of his character.

WARNING: The following contains spoilers from Star Trek: Picard Season 1 Episode 1. Proceed with caution.

In Remembrance, a woman named Dahj is unexpectedly attacked by Romulan assassins but she manages to take them all down. During the fight, she sees visions of Jean-Luc Picard and immediately sets out to find him. It is later revealed that Dahj is actually a synthetic life form who was created from Data's programming, making her Data's daughter. In addition to that, Dahj actually has a twin sister named Soji Asher.

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Credit: CBS

Spiner recently spoke to about the unexpected reveal about Data's daughters and amazingly, he admitted that he had no idea about the show's plans for his character. Additionally, he was only made aware of the plans when they were filming.

"Well, I didn't really have a say," Spiner said with a laugh.

He may have been caught off-guard but Spiner stated that he is still glad that it means that Data will be a major part of Picard.

"I'm happy just for the saga of Data to continue. If it's through his progeny… then I'm pleased," he said.

For now, we're not sure if we'll be seeing more of Spiner in the series. Nevertheless, we're hopeful that there will be more cameos in the future episodes.

The next episode of Star Trek: Picard will air on CBS All Access on January 30.


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