Star Trek: Picard Showrunner Reveals His Biggest Regret About Season 3

The final season of Star Trek: Picard delivered the satisfying sendoff for The Next Generation crew that fans have been hoping for. What's more impressive is that they were able to accomplish it while addressing multiple storylines surrounding both the legacy and new characters across 10 episodes.

Showrunner Terry Matalas and his writing team have received praise for their work on the final season as they were able to tell a compelling story for The Next Generation crew's final adventure as well as delivering fan service that is not too reliant on the sake of nostalgia.

However, in a recent interview with Screen Rant, Matalas revealed that he has one big regret about the final season of Picard despite the accomplishments that they did. He admitted that the season's main weakness for him is its lack of romantic subplots surrounding some of the characters.

"As far as other things that I wish we could have done better, I think I would say, looking at some of the criticisms across the board, I would say it's a decisively unromantic season," he said.

"There was no real room for romance, whether that is Picard and Crusher, Seven and Raffi, Jack and Sidney had a moment of flirtation. Even Riker and Troi mostly deals with the tragedy of a couple losing a child. I wish I had fought for more time for a few extra scenes with those characters."

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Matalas felt that it would have been more satisfying for fans if they explored the romantic aspects during the season, but they didn't have much time to explore them in a 10-episode season.

"I think the fans would have all wanted more romance throughout. We stuck with the high stakes of it all. It felt like that was where we needed to stay. There wasn't really a lot of time to talk about feelings and for people to kiss," the showrunner admitted.

"But in retrospect, I think that would have been satisfying to fans, but that's why we asked for more Star Trek, that those characters aren't going away? Then we certainly leave all those characters in a place where we can do that. So that's probably my biggest regret."

It really would have been great if the final season was able to explore the romantic side of the characters that we followed, but it is also understandable that they don't have enough time to explore it in an already crowded 10-episode season.

Despite that, the season was able to accomplish all the major storylines that they needed to explore and deliver a satisfying arc for all the characters that we love, even with the lack of a romantic subplot.

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