Star Trek: Picard Season Finale Trailer Teases Major Battle and Shocking Alliances

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It's hard to imagine that Star Trek: Picard is about to end, and what a glorious yet terrifying conclusion it could be. The trailer for the season finale has just been revealed and things aren't looking good for Jean-Luc Picard and the crew of La Sirena.

The trailer opens with Picard giving some sound advice. "I want you to reconsider your present course of action," he says. However, the suggestion appears to be falling on deaf ears. "We have no choice," Soji Asha fires back.


It's not looking good but at least the crew of La Sirena might be getting some help. Narek, who escaped the synths in the previous episode, has found them and claims that he is trying to save the universe. We're still not ready to trust him but the crew could use some aid at this point. Let's just hope he doesn't mess things up all over again.

Finally, there's a terrifying glimpse at Commodore Oh ordering her Warbirds to prepare for battle. At this point, Picard is still urging Soji to show everyone she isn't the enemy. Hopefully, she can do this before it's too late.

Are you ready for the finale? The tenth episode of Star Trek: Picard is titled Et In Arcadia Ego, Part II and will premiere on CBS All Access on March 26.

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