13 Apr 2020 4:30 PM +00:00 UTC

Star Trek: Picard Producer on Whether Coronavirus Has Been Written Into Scripts Yet

Without a doubt, some television and movie projects in the future will feature the coronavirus pandemic as the main subject of the story. Sci-fi genres generally do a great job in these kinds of stories. As for Star Trek: Picard season 2, new supervising producer Marc Bernardin talks about how they plan to address it, as well as his thoughts on how Hollywood projects would handle the pandemic.

"Thus far no. But I think we talked about it last time - the trying to figure out how our lives will be impacted on a long-term basis," Bernardin revealed in a recent Fatman Beyond podcast, when asked if COVID-19 was incorporated in the season 2 scripts. "And not specifically people who like lost somebody during the pandemic - in the same way not specifically people who lost someone during 9/11 - but how the culture changes."


"You know I was talking to somebody online the other day," he added. "And I was like, 'Do you actually think that professional sports come back... do you think people are going to show up and fill those arenas anymore? Like, that's 60,000 people sitting on each other's laps, all the time. How quickly do you think people are going to get to a point where they're cool with that?'"

Bernardin basically raised the question of the aftermath of this pandemic and how it'll change society forever. It will be a baseline in various stories in the future, giving a whole new perspective in doing simple things in everyday life with underlying concerns, requiring it to have a unique yet reassuring way to handle the matter.

For now, the pandemic has yet to be featured in the season 2 scripts, but it'll be interesting to see how a pandemic will be addressed in Star Trek, seeing as the franchise has featured stories that tackle a race being on the brink of death.

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