Star Trek: Picard's Quarantine 'Episode' Reveals Jean-Luc's Hopeful Log

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Have you ever wondered what fictional characters might go through if they were also stuck in quarantine due to the Coronavirus outbreak? A new report reveals some interesting quarantine "episodes" from several shows including Star Trek: Picard, which comes in the form of a log by Jean-Luc Picard.

Vulture recently asked the writers and producers behind beloved shows like Desperate Housewives, Little Fires Everywhere, and many others to create an episode involving the COVID-19 quarantine. The Star Trek: Picard "episode" was written by producer Akiva Goldsman and it offers some insight on Picard's thoughts while having to deal with self-isolation.


The log reads as follows:

"Admiral's Log. The quarantine stretches on. Essential systems continue to fail. And though many of us are used to long periods of isolation, the prohibition on physical contact, not to mention our inability to leave the ship, is beginning to wear on even the most seasoned members of the crew. Remote communication flourishes — still I am reminded there is no substitute for a direct gaze or the reassurance of a friendly touch. I am emboldened by the crew's resilience. Despite the hardship, they continue to work their stations; productivity and routine can be an excellent balm on fear. And fear they do, how could they otherwise? The threat we face is real with no immediate end in sight. But that does not make it endless. On the contrary, this period of darkness will end, as surely as it began. Fear will fade to memory. We will survive, stronger, perhaps more aware of the profound connections we have always shared. And a time will come when we once again right this ship and sail forward together into the future, that bright unknown."

It's great to know that Picard remains hopeful even during a crisis. It also helps when you read the whole thing in Patrick Stewart's voice. However, this isn't exactly an episode we would like to see in the show's second season. Hopefully, the crew of La Sirena will never have to experience having to be in quarantine like the rest of us.

Star Trek: Picard has already been renewed for a second season. However, there are no updates yet on when the new chapter will begin production. Stay tuned for more updates on this story.


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