Star Trek: Picard Finally Reveals Why The Romulans Were Abandoned By Starfleet

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At this point, everyone knows that Jean-Luc Picard decided to leave Starfleet because the Federation chose to leave the Romulans to die. But why did Starfleet abandon the people of Romulus in the first place? The latest episode of Star Trek: Picard offers an explanation on why the Romulans were left to die.

In the premiere episode of Picard, it was confirmed that the former captain was disappointed that Starfleet chose to abandon its mission to save the people of Romulus because of synthetic lifeforms suddenly went rogue and began attacking them. However, the Federation finally had time to explain everything to Picard in Maps and Legends.


In the second episode of Picard Season 1, we are introduced to Admiral Kirsten Clancy, the commander in chief of Starfleet as she meets with Picard. During their exchange, Clancy justified the Federation's action by pointing out that they were made up of many different planets, species, and societies, some of which threatened to leave if they helped the Romulans, who are viewed as an enemy.

Starfleet had a choice between helping an enemy and maintaining its own stability during a time of crisis and ultimately chose the latter, Clancy concluded. Unfortunately, Picard was still unconvinced and their exchange doesn't really go anywhere. Nevertheless, it is good to hear the Federation's side of the story.

Did you think Starfleet did the right thing by choosing to save itself instead of the Romulans? Sound off in the comments below.

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