Star Trek: Jeri Ryan Admits She was Petrified of Returning in Picard

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There is little doubt that the return of Seven of Nine is one of the most exciting things about Star Trek: Picard. However, it looks like Jeri Ryan was initially hesitant about reprising her role in the new CBS All Access series.

Ryan recently spoke to The Hollywood Reporter where she revealed that she was overwhelmed with the idea of bringing her character back. Her reason? She was nervous about sharing a scene with the legendary Patrick Stewart.


"My first scene, the big scene, was the one you see in the trailer, when we're in his [vinyard's] office/ready room. That was my first day on set. It was daunting -- not just because it was Patrick -- but because I was still petrified —or ‘Patrick-fied' — of if I could find the character again," Ryan said.

This could have been disastrous for Ryan. However, she also shared how the man who was directing the premiere episode helped her get over her fears.

"I was so fortunate because Jonathan Frakes was directing my first episode. So with that, I knew I was in good hands. [Frakes], more than anyone else would get the importance of revisiting and being true to these characters," Ryan stated.

It's understandable why Ryan struggled with the comeback. After all, she hasn't played Seven of Nine for almost two decades. Nevertheless, her return is a welcome one considering that she could be Picard's most important ally in the new show.


The latest episode of Star Trek: Picard is titled Absolute Candor and is currently streaming on CBS All Access.

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