Star Trek: Discovery’s Standout Episode Went Through Major Script Rewrites

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There are a lot of great episodes in Star Trek: Discovery, but a lot of fans of the CBS All Access Star Trek series seem to consider episode seven, Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad, one of the most thrilling and innovative episodes in the show.

What fans don't know, however, is that the episode actually had a major last-minute rewrite just before the episode's creative team started filming.

Speaking with a panel at this year's Star Trek Las Vegas (via, Star Trek Discovery guest star Rain Wilson reveals a few secrets from his second episode in the series, Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad.


According to the award-winning actor from The Office, he was pretty surprised when he arrived on Discovery's set in Toronto to find out that most of the script that he had memorized a week earlier had gone through a major overhaul.

"It was pretty early on in the series and there had been some writer turnover," Wilson told fans at the convention. "They were really finding their sea legs as a series. So, a lot of it was scrapped and rewritten at the last minute, or the three or four days before we started shooting, there was a mammoth rewrite on that Mudd stuff."

Despite all the changes that the writers made, Magic to Make the Sanest Man Go Mad went on to become one of the most memorable episodes of the season. Fans who've seen the show definitely can't forget how Wilson's character, Harry Mudd, uses a time device to loop through time to exact revenge of Jason Isaac's Captain Gabrial Lorca. The numerous sequences in the episode helped make it a standout, and so did Wilson's acting – which was pretty great despite the sudden changes to the episodes.

The second season of Star Trek Discovery is set to premiere sometime early 2019.

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