Star Trek: Discovery Season 4 Production Already Underway

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Credit: CBS All Access

We're not even halfway through Season 3 yet but it's already been confirmed that StarTrek: Discovery has been ordered for a fourth season over at CBS All Access. The spinoff show, which follows Michael Burnham's exploits in the year 3188 is giving fans of the franchise a renewed sense of connection to the Star Trek series, not to mention a renewed interest.

Series producer and co-showrunner Michelle Paradise officially announced the news on her Twitter account and while we still don't know what goes down in Season 4, given that we've only seen three episodes so far, there's definitely a lot to be excited about especially considering how Season 3 is well-received by fans and critics so far. Paradise wrote: "Season 4, here we go!"


In a follow-up tweet, Paradise also lauded the show's writers who have been working extensively amid the COVID-19 pandemic. "Day One of season 4! So proud of our room - breaking and writing from corners, kitchens, garages, & home offices. And our production team - prepping a new season is a lot, esp. in a pandemic. They've done INCREDIBLE work to get us here and keep everyone safe."

Season 3 has been great so far and it's safe to assume that over the course of the series, Burham will eventually make her way back to the present setting of the show and by the looks of it, she could be taking Book to come along with her. Again, Star Trek: Discovery is proving to be a major gamble and a risk worth taking given the fact that it opens doors for a lot of new stories to be told without having to compromise the current continuity of the franchise. Now that Burnham has been reunited with her Discovery crew, it'll be interesting to see how they fare in an unfamiliar world and if they'll be able to return to their own reality before things get a little too messy. Let's see what happens next.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 is available for streaming via CBS All Access.

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