Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 Trailer Teases the Federation's Collapse

Credit: CBS All Access

Credit: CBS All Access

To celebrate Star Trek Day, CBS All Access has released a new trailer for Star Trek: Discovery's upcoming third season!

With the release of Discovery Season 3 just right around the corner, fans find the crew land in an unknown future after following Sonequa Martin-Green's Commander Burnham into a wormhole.

As seen in the trailer above, viewers are given a glimpse 930 years into the future where the Federation has mostly collapsed. Burnham and the rest of the crew meet Book, a courier portrayed by David Alaja, and are in for a ride as they learn about a mysterious event called "The Burn." What is it you may ask? Book says it's the day "the galaxy took a hard left."

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Credit: CBS All Access

Of course, we've yet to see what this fateful event entails since the trailer didn't get much into details. That said, fans are bound to learn more about is as the series goes on, with Burnham and the crew embarking on a mission to restore order and bring the Federation back to its former glory, along with the help of some friends.

The trailer also provided a first look at Star Trek's first nonbinary and first transgender characters. The former, played by newcomer Blu del Barrio named Adira, the latter played by Ian Alexander named Gray.

Star Trek: Discovery Season 3 premieres October 15 on CBS All Access, with new episodes arriving weekly on Thursdays.

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